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What is the juvenile justice system and procedures of juvenile justice

In the previous article we have discussed the main information about juvenile justice. Now, we will give the answer to the questions What is the juvenile justice system in our days.

In the past, children got equal trial by the same courts as adults. Over time people realized the inequality between adults and children judiciary system. People understood that it is more useful to punish minors by other rules and via other courts.

Thus, the first juvenile court was founded at the end of the nineteenth century. Aside from this other institutions of correction and rehabilitation of minors and other juvenile law shave appeared.

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The juvenile justice system includes some procedures that must be respected by the police officers, court, government etc. These procedures are established by the laws of each state.

To understand better what the juvenile justice system is we must to conclude these procedures. I will bring a small description about which procedures are given are in juvenile justice system of the USA. Of course, haw I said, this steps may be different in some states.

All procedures begin with a complaint against one or more minors. After that, an important role have the juvenile probation officer. He decides if the case will be sent to the court, he announces the parents or guardians about the complaint against the juvenile, about the right that he has.

In serious cases, for example that involve a murder, the juvenile probation officer can decided to take the minor into custody.

After this in a short time, a few days, takes place the hearing, where the judge can release the children or not. If the case it is serious, he shall get the equal trial by the court.

In general the courts of the juvenile justice system hear cases where young incorrigible people are involved as a party in process, juvenile delinquents and other children with issues etc who breach the law.

As I have already said in the previous article, the juvenile courts are not criminal courts, but civil courts, because children commit delinquent acts.

Depending on severity of criminal act, the juvenile court makes a decision. In the case of delinquent acts, court may order the fulfillment of requirements, home detention, placement in an orphanage or in juvenile corrections. In case of status offenders, court may order paying a fine, psychological or other kind of counseling, community service etc.

However, there are cases when minors commit terrible crimes. In these cases, the juvenile justice system gives the right to adult court to judge these cases. And this court may order imprisonment of these minors in adult prisons. Of course in these cases an age limit before maturity is instituted.

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To understand what juvenile justice system is you need to draw attention to the goals of punishment. All social works, home detentions, fines, incarceration in juvenile corrections, psychological counseling and other decision of the court, have the purpose to re-educate the child, to rehabilitate him, to make him understand that what he had done is wrong.

Also, the juvenile justice system has the purpose to prevent other offenses, from the offender and other minors. Children need to understand that society does not allow the committing of delinquent acts and crimes. Juvenile justice system tries to make that clear to everybody.

So, this is the main answer of the What is the justice system question.

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