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Top 5 Legal Apps for Your Smartphone widespread in the West

Top 5 Legal Apps for Your Smartphone widespread in the West

Legal apps are convenient tools for people seeking legal services, for law students, and for lawyers. What better place to have the law than in your hand? Here are the top 5 legal apps for your smartphone:

Ask A Lawyer
Get fast and free advice on the go with the Ask A Lawyer app which is available for Android and iOS devices. To get started, create an account. Enter your area and the category of law you are seeking advice. The app will display the profiles of lawyers that fit your needs. You can also use the Find a Lawyer feature to search for the kind of lawyer you need.
Once you have viewed the profiles provided by the app, choose your favorite lawyer. Initiate a chat right there and receive the advice you want. You can also save the profile of the lawyer or lawyers you would wish to contact later through the app.
The good
 Provides lawyers in your location.
 Offers a chat platform for clients and lawyers.
 Ability to save lawyer profiles for later use.
The bad
 Presence of bugs.
 The login process can take longer.
 Questions fail to go through sometimes.

Sursa foto:

TimeClock is a subscription Android app that tracks a lawyer’s billable hours. Simply use the app to track the start and the end of an activity while on the go. Enter your rate per hour per client in the app, and it will calculate for you the total earnings of that day. Once you have tracked your billable hours, export the data to a spreadsheet to make your invoices.
You can also add client details, task information, case category, notes, and case location to every time record. The app will save all your time records which are accessible on the app at any time. These time records are also editable.
The good
 Excellent app for tracking billable hours.
 Good user interface.
 Ability to export data to a spreadsheet.
The bad
 This app is only available for Android devices.

Fastcase is an app supported by Android and iOS devices. It allows legal professionals to access the law library from anywhere. Search for cases by citation, keyword, or statute collections. Here is how it works:
 Enter the keyword then tap the state you are interested in.
 Fill in the case date, and additional information that will increase the accuracy of your search.
 When you find the case of interest, save it for viewing later. Fastcase will also save your search history. So you can revisit the previous searches that you did not save.
The main features – Authority check is a feature that you can use when searching for cases. It will give you the number of citations and the amount of cases in the results that have cited the case of interest.

Mobile sync
Mobile sync allows you to sync your mobile and desktop accounts. As a result, you can view your saved cases and current searches from your PC and print them.
The good
 Simple to use the search filter.
 Access to cases and statutes from all states.
 Access to complete cases.
The bad
 It is tricky to back to search.
 Necessitates an account to search for cases and statutes.
 Recent searches are not always saved.

Legal Aid News
Are you interested in legal news? Then look no further than Legal Aid News. To get started, search for news by state, federal news, or read everything. You can also enter the location you desire to read on and Legal Aid News will display the articles matching your search.
Legal Aid News gives you the option to look at the summary of an article first before proceeding to the whole article. The articles can be opened from any web browser installed on your phone. Furthermore, the app allows you to copy and paste an article or details of an article in case you want to use it elsewhere. You can also share an article on social media or email it to yourself.
Legal Aid News is a simple app that supports both iOS and Android devices.
The good
 Filter articles by state.
 Legal Aid News provides articles for a variety of articles and journals.
 Offers legal news from the entire country.
The bad
 Very few features.
 Sharing feature can only work on the web app.
 The articles are not constantly updated.

Find out everything regarding the Supreme Court through SCOTUSblog (Supreme Court of the United States). The app display content from the blog entries enabling legal professionals to stay up to date with the happenings of the Supreme Court.
The blog entries are grouped into categories so that it is easy to search for what you want to read. These categories include breaking news, editor’s news, round-up, and featured. It also sends push notifications to users when something new happens.
The good
 Get Supreme Court news as they happen.
 Participate in polls about issues.
 Find out how other users answered polls.
The bad
 Not enough navigation features.
 Content is only available if new blog entries are made.
 Polls sometimes fail to go through.

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