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Criminal justice system process

So, in the previous article we already read about what justice and the criminal system is and its purposes. Here we will define a criminal justice system process and the main points of view.

The criminal justice system process include all institutions, agents, practices and other judicial persons that are designed to react when someone commit a crime or trying to commit it. All judicial processes include different processes and procedural acts, as for example the complaint investigation, identifying suspects, gathering evidence, hearing witnesses, hearings in the court, judgment, appeal routes, punishment etc.

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Therefore, I conclude that the criminal justice system process includes three main points:

  • Policing
  • Courts
  • Corrections

Of course there are other steps that may be considered to be separate from them, but the obvious reason that interact with these three stages will be mentioned in their context. However, when a person interacts with the justice, at first the suspect is arrested, and then the people are judged by a court, and finally are condemned and bear the punishment.

This is a brief description of criminal justice system process, but we will begin to describe the justice system from “Policing”.

This category includes police and other law enforcement organizations. It primarily deals with the investigation of a crime, collecting evidence and arrest of the suspects.

In the early twentieth century in the U.S. FBI was created. This also is a form of law enforcement agency. They also have the right to investigate and to enforce the federal laws throughout the U.S. FBI helps in criminal justice system process to search and catch offenders who are given in federal search or prosecution.

In all criminal system the police and other enforcement organizations carry out other activities, such as maintaining public order, preventing the commission of crimes and other legal services. Some legal experts believe that it is in first gear of criminal justice system process.

When a suspect is arrested, the police inform this person of his rights, what offense is charged etc. After this many ask for the help of a lawyer. If the initial case is not resolved, it goes to court.

We will not describe here the criminal justice system process in front of court, because all information about the courts of justice and the procedure law you can find here on this site.

The next stage of criminal justice system process after the District Court, or and after The Appeal Court or Supreme Court, is “Corrections”.

When a person is found guilty of committing a crime, he/she supports punishment that is applied by the correction institutions. The most frequent methods of punishment is imprisonment and the payment of a fine.

Incarceration is designed to wean the person from having criminal tendencies, to guard societies from the negative behavior, to re-educate and rehabilitate the offender. The house arrest and probation also restrict movement of the person in space. These punishments are used more often in juvenile delinquency.

In the justice system a big debate theme is the capital punishment. Some people have the opinion that especially dangerous criminals deserve this punishment, because they cannot be rehabilitated, other believe that every person has the right to life and a chance to change.

But even after the penalty, the person often remains in the attention of the justice.

Besides all this, the justice system is a process of the production of knowledge. Judicial practice is always considered by the court. A good lawyer is able to learn something from every event that takes place in court or in other institutions of law.

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