Sources of criminal law in the USA and the functions of criminal law

In this article we will talk about the sources of the criminal law, especially in the USA and of course about the function of criminal law.

By the way, click here to know the functions and purpose of the punishment in the criminal law. Notice that the functions of criminal law are different regarding the purpose of punishment. Continue reading

Components of the criminal justice system

In the previous article we have already read about the criminal justice system process and I mentioned a little bit about the components of criminal justice system. In this post I will describe the components of the criminal justice system in more details.

As we already know, the criminal justice itself includes a lot of components. Many lawyers believe that there are three main parts or components of criminal justice system, namely: Continue reading

About court of criminal appeals, army court and criminal contempt of court

In this post I will bring some information about Court of criminal Appeals and Army Court of criminal appeals and of course I will write something about criminal contempt of Court.

Before I mention the criminal contempt of court and army Court of criminal appeals I must first to give you the main information about Court of criminal Appeals. Continue reading

About Criminal Law Attorney and assault lawyers

In this post you will find information about crime defense lawyer or criminal law attorney how others use and the main notice about assault lawyers in criminal law.

To know what they are doing and how they can represents you in court and other legal institutions, you must know the definition of assault lawyers, criminal law attorney or crime defense lawyer.

If you have committed a crime or you are the victim of a crime, you definitely involve entire justice system in your cause. By the way you can read here an article about the justice system.

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Criminal Procedure Law

In this article we will find out the main information about criminal procedure law and the main steps of the criminal justice system. By the way, you can find here a post about what is criminal justice system.

Every criminal procedure established some specifically procedural rights for the accused. With the help of the US Constitution and other fundamental right in criminal procedure law, every person has the right to counsel, to know what is charged, to get a jury trial, to bring his witnesses, not to be abused etc.

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Understanding criminal law

To understanding criminal law more efficient, we must do a criminal law review about this topic.

Since ancient times, Good and Evil existed on the earth. Those were manifested in different ways, in different time periods. The evil, or as it was labeled in antiquity as sin, began to be termed (considered) as a violation of moral norms of society, and in result people began punishing those who violate these rules. Continue reading

The main information about Solicitors and Barristers

In the common law the lawyer is also called barristers and solicitors. In some countries, for example in USA these terms mean an attorney, advocate or a lawyer. In other countries this terms are different and people who have this title, have different responsibilities and rights in the exercise of its duty.

Barristers and solicitors are two types of lawyers encountered in those countries. The main different are that only the barristers have the right to appear in court. In the past they existed in USA. Continue reading

International Criminal Court

International criminal law is a set of international rules or laws, which prohibit the committing of the serious crimes, like genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes etc.

In the twentieth century, all of these crimes were managed by the ad hoc tribunals, for example Nuremberg and Tokyo Military Tribunals, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia etc. Continue reading

Juvenile Justice

A juvenile is a person who has not reached maturity yet. Adulthood is considered beginning from 18 years old. However, in some states there are exceptions. Juvenile justice is governed by juvenile legislation. Juvenile law includes all rules, laws, statutes and other legal acts regulating juvenile life, activities, treatments, proceedings in court, punishments etc. Continue reading

What is Criminal Law

To give the answer to the question what is criminal law, we must to do a criminal law review about this topic. By the way, the information about the criminal law definition, we can find here.

So, what is criminal law in a modern society? What is a intent criminal law or strict liability in criminal law and other`s elements of this branch of law? In the following post we will give an answer to these questions. Continue reading

Criminal Court

For the most part, justice is administered by the courts. When it involved a criminal case, then judging is handled by the criminal court.

Whether it is a criminal court or a civil court, their role in the administration of justice is extremely important. First, courts are a legal instrument. Once a person has entered in the criminal justice system process world, the person has certain rights and obligations, which until he do not interact with this world, she or he have or not had these rights before. Continue reading